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    Northstar Beginner Skiing

    Beginners should not let Northstar’s mountain statistics deter them from skiing there. True, only 13-percent of Northstar’s terrain is designated as green, or beginner runs, but the resort offers several world-class programs for beginners, from the Northstar Ski and Snowboard School to Burton Snowboard Academy and Burton Riglet Park, for youngsters. Plus, Northstar slopes are generally considered to be of lesser grade, or steepness, so more experienced beginners may find that Northstar’s blue runs suit them just fine.

    Northstar Beginner Terrain

    Beginners have their run of the base area terrain via the Big Springs Express Gondola or Village Express four-person chairlift. The Village Run trail, a green, is the only trail back to the Village at Northstar, so beginners can opt to stick there. But the place for first timers and less experienced beginners is actually higher up on the mountain off the Big Easy four-person chairlift. In this area, beginner skiers and snowboarders will find the Burton Snowboard Academy and the Northstar Ski and Ride School. The Burton Snowboard Academy offers beginner snowboarders a progressive and unique teaching method using features to help newbies dynamically adjust their speed and balance to nail foundational techniques quicker and more efficiently. Once the basics have been aptly nailed, beginners should head up the Vista Express four-person chairlift, which provides incredible scenery of Lake Tahoe, surrounding mountains and higher alpine views of the resort. Beginners can cruise down Skid Trail to Lumberjack, both of which are green runs and slow skiing zones. While this may seem like minimal access, it’s import for beginners to keep in mind that Northstar is considered to be less steep than some of the other Lake Tahoe resorts, so once you’ve conquered runs like Skid Trail and Lumberjack the next step is blue runs. And once you’ve graduated to blue runs, you’ve earned access to 60-percent of Northstar’s terrain.

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